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Having Fun with Free Galaxy Games
Computer Space’ was the first video game which was produced for the masses. Two months after its release, the video game known as ‘galaxy game’ was lunched. It is a sort of an arcade game that is operated with the insertion of coins in a machine. Thus, each player needs to have those coins in order to play the galaxy games. This is a game which is based on space war, which is, fighting enemies in space. The player has to take up the role of a fighter and then participate in war against enemies from space.

However, with such wondrous advancements in technology, the trend of these arcade games has starting fading out. These games are gradually being replaced by games online. One can now find all those games online which one played on video game machines inserting coins. Therefore, the games are the same but the only difference is in the mode of playing. While these games are now available online, they have become much easier to access and of course, free of cost. One doesn’t have to spend even a penny to get those coins to start a game. Nowadays, almost all galaxy games have free online versions and this is contributing a great deal towards their popularity.

There are many websites which offer galaxy games for free. Moreover, many different versions and editions of these games are available to choose from. Mario or Super Mario is one of the most popular games that have been played the world over since many generations. They are space shooter games and are, in fact, an essential part of each person’s childhood as well as adulthood. Some more examples of free galaxy games are Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Galaxy Guard: Space Invader Game, Space Commander, The Seeker, Enigmata 2, and, After Glow.

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