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Engrossing War Battle Games Online
War battle games online are an interesting and almost enslaving genre of online games. The huge variety and category of games makes it even more additive. One can spend a whole day playing these games without even realizing that and without getting tired. These game usually demand planning and strategy on the behalf of players and are action packed. The players have to wrack their brains and think of new strategic moves at every point in the game in order to win. The fighting that takes place in these kinds of games could be between two or more players or between the team of players and other electronic as well as computer generated and operated enemies.

The internet offers a wide range of online war games. Many of these games are free and are very engaging and fun to play. They have the capacity to keep one hooked for long and have many exciting and intriguing twists and turns. Some of the free online battle games are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rome: Total War and Wolfenstein. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game which, according to statistics, has one of the biggest viewership. It has appealing graphics and playing this game gives you an unforgettable experience of online gaming. It has different levels where players have to take the roles of different soldiers and try to acquire and use as many weapons as possible.

Rome: Total War is another game which is based on the time in Rome when it was involved in fights and battles. It is a strategy game and one has to carefully build up the army to fight and eliminate all enemies and unwanted elements. Wolfenstein, on the other hand, is based on the Second World War and an American soldier, who is the sole hope of all the people. There are weapons, armours and special effects which make the experience worth it.

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