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Battle Game Online – The Games to Share your Friends
The gaming industry is actually incomplete without battle game online. The younger generation, especially the boys are freaks for such fighting games.

These games are designed in places where the battles take place giving an illusion of reality to the players. There are elimination rounds and difficulty level goes on increasing as the level of the game increases. The player gets to face a stronger opponent with the increase in level of games. Also he gets additional scores as he heads forward towards his aim. The player is made to choose the colour of attires, the weapons and other minute details of the fighter that adds to the virtual feeling of the game in an effective way. There may or may not be a definite storyline.

There are many more diverse features in the battle games online like attacking and defending at the same point of time. There are games that have both single player and multi-player options. For multi-player option, the player can opt to play with his friend who might be far away from him but can play and interact through the medium of internet. Some games like Warcraft III had the significant feature of Anonymous Matchmaking. It allowed a user playing game to match up with a player having same skills and was interested to play the game, making playing easy and quick. It also eliminated win-trading where players lose the game purposely to get a high rank.

Blizzard Entertainment provides battle gaming service known as which was launched in 1996. It became popular with the gamers because it had no membership fees and as a result Dialdo and subsequent Blizzard games became major selling spots. Later many more versions of games were produced by the Company. Besides that, there are a lot of other pioneers in the gaming industry that designed and launched battle games online that became extremely popular.

These free battle games are still liked by the game-geeks as much as they were liked before. With the advent of gaming consoles like PlayStation and android- enabled smartphones, the gaming has been enhanced a lot.

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