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Advantages Behind Playing MMO Online Games
MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online and is the latest technology that is being used to offer free online games. As the name suggests, this browser based technology can handle large number of players at the same time. MMO online games do no need to be downloaded to your computer. They can be accessed from anywhere where an internet connection is available. Unlike the regular video games that allow 2 to 3 players, these online games MMOG’s will let you compete against family, friends and strangers scattered around the world.

MMO Online Games
The free games that are available online are great fun, with the potential to keep you occupied and entertained for many hours a day. Battle Dawn, Battle Dawn Galaxies, Battle Mechs and Defender of the Galaxy are some the free games available online. Out of these, Battle Dawn is the most popular online games MMOG. The game starts with each player owning a small colony that can be expanded by building the 4 resource structures that are part of the game. Once this is done the player can build his army and defend his colony with the army that he owns.

Free MMORPG Game
MMO games are classified depending on the kind of game. An RPG is a role playing game, RTS is real time strategy games, FPS is for first person shooter games and SG is for social games. As web based technologies like Java and Flash improved, so did the variety and number of free MMORPG games. The increasing use broadband for internet access has also contributed to the growth and popularity of these games. These games entertain the young and the old, male and female for hours to end and is an absolute bargain considering that it comes at no cost and no risk.

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