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 Post subject: MM's Newbie Tips [The Basics]
PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 11:41 pm 
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Hello My name is Military Madness and here are some tips for you new or returning players out there!

The tutorial you receive when joining a world tells you how to do basic things such as scroll in and out building structures,buying tokens,resource production,building outposts,Admin,build units,and about the alliances

Here are some tips on stuff left out and how to use tutorial info better.


If you feel you will do better in protection then be my guest but breaking out of protection grants you resource production boost for limited ticks(means for a amount of ticks you will receive 50% more gold/metal/minerals and oil/lumber/gas) Once your protection ticks run out you are able to conquer and also be conquered(You cannot attack anything while in protection. You can only move units to outposts you or your alliances owns or alliance colonies. You obviously cannot attack a protected colony so don't try it....xD


You learn what a crystal is in tutorial(grants you 20 score each and more resource production and growth for you and alliance members) Crystals are 3rd most important things in BD(in my mind behind power and workers) Players have wars,arguments(sometimes both xD) over crystals. If player A has 1 crystal or any number of crystals and is conquered by Player B who has no crystals,Player B takes all of the crystals(If playerA is attacked by multiple players and conquered then crystals are shared amongst attacking players depending on how much army each attacking player sent) If you have no army to defend your crystal(s) and no allies around then I promise they will be gone before you know it. Have a good army and good alliance to protect your crystals


Building your structures help you in long haul. You learn how to build structures in tutorial by clicking on colony the colony button then going to structures tab you can click on a structure then build it. The higher up structures take longer to finish building and more resources. Building farms helps your colony growth(how many workers you bring in every 24 ticks)Building Farm lvl 4 also allows you to make outposts into Training Bases(more on that later) Building Metal/Gold/Mineral mines increase their production same for oil/lumber/gas refineries. Building energy reactors and mana mines allow you to gain 1-5 a tick. Building Resource converters allows you to convert Metal/Gold/Minerals to oil/lumber/gas and vice-versa. It also allows you to convert these resources in Energy/Mana(not other way around) Building lvl 5 converter gets you more of resources you get from conversion for less of converted resource and allows you to give your alliance members resources or red tokens(sending either costs 10 mana and to send red tokens you must have purchased reds before) Building unit structures allows you to build all unit types and make outposts missile silos or dragon lairs. Building workshop structures allows you to be able to give your units different weapons and upgrades and also allows you to make outposts gates. Building Spy structures allows you to make your own spy and giving it different abilities when it has agents planted on targets. It also gives you ability to scan targets,and a shield which can be charged and is deployed once an attacking squad has surpassed ETA or amount of ticks a squad reaches target. And finally building communication structures give your colony more visibility,allow you to make outposts into radars,make satellite scans,and an ion cannon/firestorm which can destroy missiles/dragons and damage units on outposts and colonies


Power is determined by the amount of units you have and your amount of workers. It is increased by getting conquers and resource outposts(mines and wells/mills) If player A has 23 power and no crystals he/she will have 230 score,If player B has 23 power and 2 crystals he/she will have 270 score. If player C has 105 power then he/she will have 1050 score. Power is the base of score with no power you will have little chance of sucess

That's all i have for MM's Tips on The Basics1[The basics 2 is coming soon!] If you are a new,veteran,etc and you have a question feel free to ask me on worlds I am on(Currently on Earth 5 SOLO, Earth 4, Earth 2, Mars 3(my favorite world),and Fantasy4)

Thanks for reading and I hope this info helps you become better player

-Military Madness (2.)

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