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 Post subject: MM's Newbie Tips [The Basics]2
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2014 9:36 pm 
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Hello again I am still Military Madness and let's now continue with some basics any player needs 2 know all about!


Battledawn...these things are not just for making your power and score look pretty..THESE ARE FOR BATTLE!! Use them from getting unguarded outposts and colonies to killing all who oppose you. Many new players come in and do same thing almost all players did when they first started...hurrying every unit and putting any unit in any ship. You can have 10000 units but if your build(ratio of Armor,damage,and range you place in each ship) sucks then you won't get far. You probably won't have one enemy so you must build all the weapon types. The first weapon type(concussive/slashing) is a weapon type that does best against Infantry.The 2nd weapon type(beam/piercing) is the best against vehicles/calvary. The 3rd weapon type(Explosive/Crushing) is the best against Mechs/Heavies. No weapon type is the best so you would make ships that are just for infantry and just for vehicles/Calvary and just for...u get my point. Next we have unit upgrades(Armor,Damage,Range) Most good armies in wars had some type of organization of where each type of unit was placed. You would have units leading the charge who are the first in action, specialized units that are loaded with power, and then have unit who stay back to support from long range. There are many "good" builds out there but let me give you simple,dependable ratios for now.

Infantry=30 units a ship Armor:10 Damage:0 Range:20

Vehicles/Calvary=15 units a ship Armor:5 Damage:0 Range:10

Mechs/Heavies=10 units a ship Armor:3 Damage:0 Range:7

These builds work well and ik you are wondering where the damage units are...remember these are considered "Stock" builds if you think you want better build go to Battle Simulator(Colony button,Statistics tab,Battle Simulator button) and experiment different builds. I know it's long but were talking units be successful your army cannot have too many flaws. So now it's time for Unit types(Infantry, Vehicles/Calvary, Mechs/Heavies) You want to use one type of units for your whole army,since mixing unit types has proven in the past to not work as well. Infantry suffer many losses but have the numbers game won. Vehicles/Calvary are in the middle with good all around stats. Mechs/Heavies have the best stats of the unit types but take most time to make and most space on ships. By the way unit types also get boosts when facing unit types they do well against. Infantry gains a 25% attack boost when attack vehicles/calvary. Vehicles/Calvary gain a 25% attack boost when attacking Mechs/Heavies. Sadly Mechs/Heavies don't gain any type of attack boost against any unit type because there stats are HIGH enough without them.


Can't see the next topic can ya? xD too bad!(It's spies..)
Spies can turn the tides of battles with spy attacks,give you spy protection from such attacks or just "scare"(not really xD) other colonies. A spy can be made after building the 2nd structures on the Spy structure list. They cost 25 mana/energy and 1 worker to make.(will take 24 ticks) Once made they will be shown on your colony as a squad that looks much different then regular unit ships. Only you and your alliance members can see your spy. Leaving your spy on your colony gives you 1 spy protection a tick(spy protection can also be gained using mana/energy). When your spy is on a target you may plant an agent. The spy ship never goes away but agents can die from missile/dragon attacks or go away from you disbanding them. You probably want to have your spy structures built before attempting a spy attack to get more all the different things your spy can do. Once your agent has accumulated infiltration points(# of ticks an agent has been planted on target) you can try a spy attack! Spy can lockdown targets which prevent anything(units,missiles) from leaving the target for 3-6 ticks, you can deplete a percent of the targets oil/lumber or mana/energy supplies or kill 10% of the target's workers, damage target units(lowering there hp),and lastly send a "BOO" message to event box of target xD. To do any of this successfully your agent must have more infiltration points then the target's spy protection. If your agent does not then it is caught then the owner of the target gets an event message notifying them a spy has been caught and was sent by you(so if your not sure it will work then don't do it unless you care less if they know xD) Use spies wisely! (Once an agent is used it is gone, you can only place one agent on each target, and agents do lower growth production so if you have won you won't use, just disband it)


In Battledawn there are 4 resources. Metal/Gold which is used for building your structures,units,and outposts. Oil/Lumber which is used for structures,units and outposts as well but also used to move ships. Mana/Energy is used to make spies, spy protection,agents and spy attacks, scan targets(to scan target click on it then click "eye" icon then pick type of scan) use ion cannon/lightning storms(attacks that can shoot down missiles/dragons and damage units at a target)launch missiles/dragons, send resources jump gates, jam radars,gates and silos/lairs, and make Broadcasts(messages at bottom of screen which are used to tell the whole world something like alliance recruitment, arguments among alliances(pretty funny most of the times) or anything players want everyone to know) Last resource is workers(most important resource in Battledawn to me) which are used to make spies, units ad outposts. You make an amount metal/gold and oil/lumber a tick depending mostly on the amount of workers you have.The other factors are level of metal/gold and oil/lumber structures you have built,the crystals,relics and resources outposts you and your alliance members have and taxation from peasants..I mean colonies you own. You do not gain workers every tick but every 24 ticks you have a growth where a number of workers join your colony based on many different factors. Base growth(always 40),Level farm structure you have,Crystals(only contributes +1 worker if you have one) Resources outposts you and your alliance own(Mines and wells),and Conquers. There are also factors that affect your growth negatively. The upkeep of workers, units, outposts, missiles/dragons,and agents all bring down amount of workers you get every growth period. Now each time you get about 25 workers your power increases by 1(meaning 100 score) which means every time u use the small worker boost(Boost button brings you to store where you can use blue and red tokens to buy anything you need) you increase 2 power and 200 score. Players wonder how players get up to 300-up power. It does not just come from boosting it comes from having big army then bringing in many workers from growth.(Remember you can only have 15,000 Metal/Gold, 15,000 oil/lumber unless you use big storage boost to double amount of metal/gold and oil/lumber u can hold, 500 mana/energy, and 1000 workers at a time. You won't get over limit unless you are given metal/gold and/or oil/lumber from player, given resources from admin, or boost bar is filled)


Last topic of Basics 2....damn my hands are tired...any-who outposts are used to claim territory,wage war,bring units to an area,or make an area visible. A normal, un-upgraded op costs 500 metal/gold 300 oil/lumber and 15 workers to make(must be made in area where colony can fit not in water or in trees) still has uses when normal since when moving to an op you or an alliance member own your unit's ETA is cut in half letting the unit get there quicker. You can upgrade an op to a radar tower, missile silo/dragon lair,gate, or training base when it has at least 24 control ticks. You can force relocate a conquer to a normal outpost, relocate your own colony to a normal op, scan an op for units on it or units incoming,or raze an op for resources. A radar tower brings visibility to an area on map letting owner and alliance members of owner see outposts and moving ships there. It can be jammed for 3-6 ticks which disrupts the visibility for the time period. A gate allows ships and spies to be transported to other gates or colonies with the gate structure built. Gates can also be jammed, disallowing units to be transported to and from(but units can still be moved with oil/lumber). Missile silos/Dragon lairs are used to hold missiles/dragons. You must train or make missiles/dragons for 24 ticks before launching them.(Missiles/dragons cannot be launched if silo/lair is jammed. Also they cannot be launched at protected players,Admin's colony,or garrisons and wreckages(Admin outposts) or relics in Admin control) Training bases are used to train units away from your colony(must have lvl 4 farm before upgrade is available). They have half the space for units as colonies do(Colony can fit 60 infantry,30 vehicles/calvary, and 20 Mechs/Heavies, whiles training bases can only fit 30 inf, 15 vehis/cavs, and 10 mechs/heavies). Maybe you don't feel safe in area your colony is currently in or you have annoying conquer you want moved. You can relocate colonies to outposts by using mana/energy and oil/lumber(amount depending on how far outpost is from current location with 10000 oil/lumber and 50 mana/energy being the max that will be needed) Once relocated you lose colony control ticks(you can only relocate with 72-up colony control ticks, gate using colony with 24-up colony control ticks) You also have outpost replacing where you or conquer originally was and when force relocating conquer, conquer is automatically set free. By the way your colony only relocates with units in main base(not in ships) and spy(and yes you keep all your structures,crystals,etc) Finally if you have an upgraded op you don't want or want to change you may downgrade if op has at least 6 control ticks and you gain 400 metal/gold and 200 oil/lumber then you may either upgrade op again,keep op normal, or raze outpost for resources. To raze op it must have at least 24 control ticks. Razing ops gives you 500 metal/gold 300 oil/lumber and 5 workers in 3 ticks. Once razing has begun it cannot be stopped unless op is captured by enemy ship. If an agent or ship is still on op after razing is complete the op becomes a camp which can only be moved from(you cannot attack from a camp).

That's all i have for MM's Tips on The Basics[2]. If you are a new,veteran,etc and you have a question feel free to ask me on worlds I am on(Currently on Earth 5 SOLO, Earth 4, Earth 2, Mars 3(my favorite world),Fantasy 2 and Fantasy4)

Thanks for reading and I hope this info helps you become better player

-Military Madness


 Post subject: Re: MM's Newbie Tips [The Basics]2
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2014 3:01 am 
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Nice guide i think i will tell my trainee to look at this guide

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